Saturday 30 March 2013

What I do :)

There is so many who make foodart now; a lot of very clever and creative cooks.
Some make bento boxes for their kids (lunchboxes), some make amazing food art, some make lunches and dinners.
There is a huge variety of foodart going on these days!

What I do is just very simple and edible to a child. And anyone with basic knife skills can make what I make without any special tools, in about 5-15minutes.
I use these items:

-1 knife,
-(at random and rarely) I use a decorating kit.
-Sometimes some round things for making round shaped eyes or something.
I use glasses or the backside of the nozzles for my food decorating bottles.
I'm sure you have all you need in your kitchen!

On occasion, I use sandwich cutters, and they will always be in the blog with a link to where you can buy them.
I love cutters and the possibilities and the simplicity they provide.
I use them over and over.
They are great for melons and fruits, cookies and sandwiches alike.:

I love this hobby :)

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