Monday 18 March 2013

Plum Ponyo

We used the first 25 minutes of Ponyo as Calvins bedtimestory for about a year. It worked beautifully. The intro-song is so lovely and made him so sleepy. We have left movie-bedtimes behind and are now reading but he still loves Ponyo! Infact, he loves red heads! Ariel (Little mermaid), Ponyo and Merida (brave).

I think Ponyo is absolutely fantastic!
And this is my homage to the sweetest little girl!

She is made of peach (for face), red plum (for hair and dress), strawberry fins and the rest is sugar plum/plum jelly fish, pineapplesunrays, kiwi and sugarplum seaweeds and grapes as seafloor. Her eyes are almonds and offcuts of plumskin.
Everything is just cut to shape quite easily. The almond eyes took some time to get similar, but the rest was a breeze.

I hope you like her.

If you haven't seen Ponyo, you can see a little here: Ponyo On Youtube

Or buy the movie here.

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