Saturday 16 March 2013

The three little piggies

Built a house of sultanas, with kiwigrassroof and kiwigrass.
A banana sun with nectarine rays, and 3 hand cut pigs.
Very easily cut a deep chunk shaped like the head, and cut it in 3 pieces so it was 3 quite identical heads. Oval body shapes and grapepeel tails and snout holes. Eyes of sultana.

Im sure they were safe from the wolf, but not from Calvin who ate them up one after another ;)

I read on the picture my husband posted on reddit (the cute puppydog sandwich) that my son would become roothless since he could eat cute little puppies... Im pretty sure my son is bright enough to know the difference in cheese and real dogs... Don't ever underestimate 2,5 year olds! ;)


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