Sunday 24 March 2013

Bunny bunbun fail!

Did you see the picture of bunnies on facebook? It was bun-bunnies and they looked fab. Simple enough for me, I reckoned!
So, I put my baking gloves on (no, not really) and decided to try, but I was not impressed with my buns or my bunnies, so I won't post a recipe.
I need to try to make these again, preferably successfully and better looking.
However; i made them look cute on the plate and they are most definitely edible, so nothing goes to waste!
I bet'cha the next batch will be amazing, as I think I figured these bunnies out! Hang on for my amazing result later this week (so hopeful!)

And we all learn best through trial and error!
(Yes. Even grown ups)

What was your biggest baking blooper?
I have done quite a few as Im brave and bold in the kitchen: but terrible with recipes!!
Once I was going to make wonderful looking cupcakes with super amazing frosting: made the cupcakes, all good. Then i made the frosting.
With the same recipe I used for the muffins! Ha! Terrible!!

Have a lovely day.

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