Wednesday 6 March 2013

Little puppy dog (3+)

Oh, how popular this little pup is with my boy! He loves animals but he is a very big fan or cats and dogs.
I look forwards to the day we eventually get a puppy myself... (dreaming on)

This is very easy if you have a puppy cutter. I used one of Lunchpunch's cutters.

Here is the step by step:

Make a cheese sandwich and cut out the pup.
Cut out a circle in bread for a ball, and spread on peanut butter and add a few strips of apple to create the effect of a ball.
Grate some zuccini length-wise for the grass, cut out two tiny pieces for eye and snout, and cut out two leaf shapes and a long strip for the flower.
A tiny splat of jelly for the flower and a round piece of apple in the centre.
Make the sun from some cheese and carrot.

It is so easy, and makes lunch so much more fun 

This is the cutter I used for my puppy

 Enjoy xxx

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