Friday 24 May 2013

Teething toddlers and mesh feeders!

You know, I think the mesh feeder always looks so... Uhm... Strange!
But I have come to love it.

...Correction, Lil princess has come to love it!
Unlike my little hero, the lil Miss loves yoghurt! And frozen yoghurt was a BIG hit!

I bought some really cute 3$ silicone chocolate moulds at woolys and filled them up with greek natural yoghurt and into the freezer they went!

Into the mesh and over to the baby:

The teething baby is very happy!
...And the mess is great proof of it :)

The mesh is awesome for the hands don't get cold and she can eat them on her own.

The little dude atleast tried yoghurt this way but he is not a big fan. He got some dinosaurs ~moulds also from woolys.

You can get the mesh feeders here: 

You can find the dino and robot mold here


 TIP: When you keep your silicone moulds in the freezer box, they can get a very bad freezer-box smell that is very hard to get rid of; I find that the best thing to do, Is to use the moulds to shape the yoghurt/icecubes/food/Chocolate and then pop the finished product into znap lock/Zip lock bags so that my silicone moulds dont end up with that impossible-to-get-rid-of smell!

TIPS: Når du har disse silicon formene i fryseren får de lett en fryktelig fryse-box lukt som er umulig å bli kvitt. Jeg lager de formene jeg skal og putter det ferdige produktet rett i en zip lock bag, slik at jeg ikke behøver ha formene i fryseren mer enn 1 dag. Når produktet er frosset, beholder det jo formen uansett, så hvordan du oppholder det er jo ikke så viktig. =) 

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