Wednesday 6 March 2013

Chocolate butterfly! (3+)

For those who like a chocolate spread sandwich every now and then.
And little kids will love decorating this with strawberries, grapes, kiwi, whatever youd like or have in your fridge really.

This is the how to:

Use a butterfly shape cutter (i used lunchpunch for this one) on toast or untoasted bread.
Cut out a heart of rockmelon.
Cut two big circles of apple, two strips of apple and two smaller circles.
Use the circles as butterfly pattern and the strips as the body and the antennas.
Half a grape on each antenna.
The half of three different sized grapes as the ant body (eat the other half :) and applestrips for the ant legs :)

Enjoy the yummy-mess!

(I used a homemade raw chocolate spread that i wasn't too happy with. When I find the perfect blend, I will post it)

 I used these cutters for my butterfly


 And this organic raw cacao for the chocolate spread.


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