Wednesday 27 March 2013

Balloon girl

The other day I bought Calvin a big punching balloon. Their just extra big and strong balloons with a rubber band in one end. He loved it!

He ran around like a crazy lil monkey the whole evening! Jumped with it on the trampoline and had a good deal of fun. Then he fell asleep with it next to him.
So then i got to thinking of Banksy's girl with the balloon and decided to made my own version. But instead of one balloon, she has many.

Calvin loves balloons so eating this took forever, as everytime we handed him a 'balloon' (because he kept staring at it without eating it) he just put it back in its place. When he had stared at it long enough, he put (almost) all the ~balloons~ in his mouth in one go and ate them all.


Whats your toddlers favorite toy?

1 comment:

  1. My little boy Hicham loves his yellow giraffe the most, his sister, Hiba, likes everything he plays with.
    Take care.
    Ps. Great blog