Tuesday 3 September 2013

6K and snickers party!

Hi everyone! Its a pleasure to meet you!
I have had a pretty long break but I seem to be getting a little time again. Hopefully we'll be back to normal really soon :)

So into chocolate these days! (not pregnant. Maybe its just left over cravings from my pregnancy with little miss W? either way... )

So: chocolate sandwich puppydog with banana cloud and strawberry hearts for my son for breakfast

And then homemade raw-ish snickers for me!
Here goes:

Use the smallest cupcake papers you find. (Patty cups or whatever its called)

Layer 1: peanut butter!
Press it down with a teaspoon. 
Freezes superbly!

Layer 2: caramel.
-1/2 cup pitted dates, roughly chopped up
-1/2 cup milk (water if you want to keep it vegan!)
-1 pinch of salt.
Blend in blender. Pop into saucepan. 
Heat and Stir till it thickens.

Layer 3: raw chocolate
(Recipe here)

(this is not my favorite chocolate recipe, but it is my fav for the snickers as it works well. IF you dont like the coconut oil taste, stay tuned and Ill upload another awesome chocolate recipe soon!) 

Into the freezer for about an hour or so and viola! Enjoy!

Tip: the caramel layer wont freeze well so make sure its just kept as a secret in the middle covered with chocolate, so your snickers dont fall apart.

Tip 2: If you want, you can add bits and pieces of nuts or use chunky peanut butter for the crunchy snickers effect.

Whats your favourite chocolate?
Whats your typical craving in the evening?
Mine is icecream. Magnum classic or ego, to be honest.
Or, Ben and Jerrys triple caramel chunk!
My gooooodness..... ;)

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  1. Hei Karianne! Denne skal prøves! :) (Og jeg elsker cookie dough is...) Hilsen fra andre siden av kloden!