Sunday, 14 July 2013

The pirate breakfast...

That I stole from Samantha Lee!
My son is obsessed with pirates lately and I have been quite clueless with how to make a fun pirate breakfast but Sam surely knows how, so i nicked her pirate!

Two sandwich pieces!
1 apple,
half a banana,
tiny bit nutella and
3-4 sultanas,
almond and pranut butter.

1 round for face and one half circle for the island.

The face is peanut and almond butter mixed, with an apple as hat and apple piece for one eye. Details are w nutalla that I just put i to a piping bag and cut a super little hole in.

The island is made with peanut butter and some nutella.
The palm-tree is half a banana cut in half, then cut into little triangles. Kiwi as palm leaves and sultana coconuts :)
Then an apple sun and an apple treasure chest and we're good to go :)

This was a hit for sure!
Yay :)) thanks Sam :))

Enjoy your breakkie
Arrr! Aaaarrrr!!

Monday, 8 July 2013

The kids book project

Having kids, you read lots of books!

And I thought since
Ida Skivenes (@idafrosk) has her art project and the novel project and
Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) has her world in food project (amongst several others:)
that I wanted to have a project too.
I have the aussie natives project and the kids book project.
If you want to see what gets done, they will be under the label "kidsbooks" to the right.

My first book cover was Oliver Jeffers Lost and Found

And my second was also an Oliver Jeffers classic
How to catch a star.

What is your kids favorite books?
And what would you like to see made into foods?

Its a gloomy day in Sydney today, but thats fine: we had a magnificent week of full sun and up to 25 degrees c in the middle of winter, so Im not complaining now :))

I also wanted to post the pancake recipe I used for the "how to catch a star" cover. I got it from Doris (@dorisdk) and was very impressed!

1/2 banana
1 egg
3 eggwhites
30g rolled oats
Vanilla bean or vanilla essence

Into the blender.
Into squeeze bottle and draw then fry in coconut oil and enjoy!
I made a car for the boy this morning, since that was what he wanted..

What foodart would make your kid happy?
Do you ever make fun food for yourself or the kids?