Sunday 31 March 2013

Mr Pumpkin Cat

I had never tasted pumpkin before I came to Australia. Where I'm from, we don't really eat much pumpkin or sweet potatoes (at least in my family we never ate it)
Some call it cow food, but me, I love it!
Its the first meals my kids had, and I love creamy pumpkin soup!

I simply steam pumpkin (sliced up with skin on) and garlic till the pumpkin is soft and easy to peel.
(For one half butternut or kent pumpkin, I use 5 garlic cloves)
And then I put it all in a blender with salt and pepper (or just salt) and add 1/4 cup milk and whizz around.
Now thats a creamy pumpkin soup right there. Yum!

There is endless possibilities with pumpkin soup.
Add sweet potato and carrot!
Or/and some red onion!
Replace the milk with some thick cream or creme fraise if your having guests over or just feel you deserve something extra...

Serve with salad on the side.
Or some bread.


Oh: and here are some more ideas on how to serve it up for the kiddoes :)

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