Sunday, 26 January 2014

Ci ci ciabatta!!

Got up this morning, I was feeling kinda..... I dont know really but I wanted ciabatta. Which is odd because I dont eat cereals or grains but there I was, in the mood for bread! 
And so I baked one. And ate it too!
(Well, some slices anyhow!) 

250g plain flour 
250g spelt flour
450 ml lukewarm water
1 1/2 tsp fresh dry yeast
1 tsp pink himalayan salt
1/2 tsp raw sugar
Olive oil

In a big mixing bowl add flour, yeast and sugar.
Mix with your hands.
Add water. Then salt. 
Mix with your hands.
Now you dont knead ciabatta dough, you pull it, drop, pull it, drop -and thats how you get an airy ciabatta. 
Then you put in the mixing bowl again, add the olive oil on top and leave under clingwrap for about an hour till its double its size. 
Then you drop it down on a pretty well floured workspace (or do what i do, and drop it right down on a baking paper sheet with some flour on it-that way you don't have to clean dough off your counter:) and fold it into a ciabatta shape, onto the bakingtray and into the oven.
Middle. No fan. 220 degrees celcius for about 30 min. Until golden and sounds hollow :) 

The work time on this was about 10 min. Total time incl waiting and baking, 1,5 hours +
So worth it!

Now, enjoy your fresh rustic italian bread :) 


Ok: then it was time to make a differet version: 

Enter the HERBIVORE!
Same recipe as above but with 250g plain flour, 150g spelt and 100g wholemeal spelt. 
2tbs oregano
2tvs of your fav italian mix (i use hoyts) 
And sprinkle cheese on top. 


then I got hooked and tried something else: in-baked pizza. 

I made the dough as the plain ci ci ciabatta and as it was resting, I cut up 1 chicken breast, 5 kale leaves, 5 cherry tomatoes and 2 spring onions. I fried it up in coconut oil, then sauteed it for a while, adding 2 tbs tomato paste and 1 big tbs sour cream. I also grated about 200g of cheese. I spiced it up with an italian herb mix and salt (pink himalayan. Always) and once the dough was done i put it out on the baking paper, made a "bed" to put the fill in (italian chicken mix and cheese on top), closed it like and envelope and sprinkled some cheese on top.


Into the oven and just pay attention till it lookes/smelled/sounds finished. 


Then I went for a grains version:

250g plain flour, 250g eholemeal flour. 2,5 tbs flaxseeds, 1,5 tbs sesame seeds and poppy seeds to sprinkle on top. Wowsa! Definitely the favourite so far! Kids and neighbours love it!!


Then I got brave and decided to tryca feta and kale version.

you know what, Kalebatta is so fly she deserves a blog of her own! But, and this is a massive but, you have come this far: you deserve to know this too :))

250g plain flour and 250g wholemealflour.
Added an extra spoon of salt and a little extra water to this recipe. Also 6 kale leaves and 1 pk of feta cheese chopped up. I used about 200g dodoni feta. :)
And poppy seeds or sesame seeds for the too! :) 

When the wait is over, the dough looks like this:

And, you being super smart and all, have already put flour on a sheet of bakingpaper, so you don't have to mess up your counter ;) 

Once you slap the dough down, she looks like this:

But then you fold her sides a little, and add poppy seeds on top: and now she is all ready for a date with Mr Stove!
So puurty :)

And VIOLA! They are a match made in heaven for sure :)

Well hello there, our most favourite bread so far! 

(Secretly I cant wait to try this with only spelt flour!! :))

I will keep adding on this recipe: remember that the ci-ci-ciabatta is the original recipe and the amount of flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar, never changes. Neither does the waitnig time, cooking time and degrees on the oven. 
It actually always stays the same: though the types of flour change or you might need a tad bit more water at times, its the basic recipe. 

Thank you so much for popping by here :) 
Let me know how you go xxx 

Original recipe modified from 's ciabatta recipe. 


  1. Can I use rye flour in place of spelt? I don't have any on hand. Excited to make this! Thanks!

    1. Yes! I am sure that would be absolutely lovely! Just make sure to use a tiny bit more plain flour, than rye.. at least thats what I was taught growing up... =) And pretty please, let me know how you go! I think Ill be trying lots of different versions of this: Its just so simple and yum!! =) good luck and enjoy =)) love, Karianne

  2. These look so yummy!! I have to try it! I have a question, i know that you have stated in the past that you do not eat grains, and i notice that your children eat really healthy (how awesome). What do you normally eat on a daily basis, if its okay to ask??

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