Monday 25 March 2013

Monkey Prince!

Babies are undoubtfully very monkey-like, with their reflexes like the arms that shoot up in the air with a loud noise, and the ability to make steps from early on and the sucking on the big toe... but some just hold on to their monkey-ness forever.
Calvin is definitely a monkey!
Here is the snack of today.

Its simply a little monkey prince made from ricecakes and garlic baguettinis, somecheese and some berries. pretty basic and very pleasing to little monkeys!

The reason for him getting a monkey today?

He has a little girlfriend next door and the other day, he actually jumped a 2,10metre high fence to get to hang out with her! He landed on his feet and was completely fine! *shivers* how scary is that? (He doesn't turn 3 till november!)
They have been talking through the fence for a really long time, but I never thought he would actually jump over.
Now he cant be out on the deck by himself anymore.

He amazes me!
Does all 2 year olds do these things? These incredibly bold acrobatics?
Im turning into a nervous wreck!!
(Not really, but I totally could!)


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