Friday 8 March 2013

Pip pip said the baby birdie (2+)

This is a veggie platter.
Little birds in a nest.
Very easy to make.

I used alfalfa as the nest, cut carrots for the beeks, Capsicum for leaves (and inside the middle birds beek too), almonds as branch and a lemon as the sun. Capsicum birdies :)

My son does not love raw veg which is why we are working on it.
He did taste it all, but this was mainly the mommas food :)

I dont know what happened with my son and his eating habits: but all of a sudden he just stopped eating raw veg. A boy who loved avocado, stopped even trying it. Raw carrots used to be a snack, now he wont touch it unless grated or in a cooked meal. He still wolves down cucumbers! :) i hear that sone toddlers develope a sensitive taste to bitter foods... I am willing to bet that is whats up...
My husband posted the puppy photo on reddit and said it was how i got my son to eat veges (veggies) but its more an attempt to make him try it and get used to it. It created a massive discussion with regards to veggies and little kids... I guess we all do what we think will work for us. We can only do our best <3

My son made his own foodart on the table. A moon and birdies.
(i know it was the moon as he said "moon" repeatedly while placing it on the table)

-monkey see, monkey do! 

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