Friday 8 March 2013

Lets play Pacman! (3+)

Pacman v/s spaceinvaders.

Any kid will have fun placing the raisins as a trail for the banana pacman to eat :)

I used my fred silicone icemould for some homemade chocolate and froze it.
Ice Invaders By Fred
I normally make a super healthy raw chocolate of
-Raw (organic fairtrade) cacaopowder
-extra virgin (organic fairtrade) coconut oil
-agave/stevia/raw manuka honey
-organic vanilla bean.

I will get back with a better recipe once I feel that I have found the perfect one, however, you can easily try yourself.
Use approx 1/2 cup oil and 1/4cup cacao powder... And sweeten it how you like it. I havent been too happy with this recipe: and cant wait to trade atleast half the oil with cacao butter! Stay posted!
I promise it wont take long.



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