Saturday 23 March 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow, cake pops!

Hey all :)

Wow, what a month I've had!
1500+ followers on instagram in less than a month! 500 in less than a day! Incredibly humbled and happy and thankful and surprised!

Yesterday I decided to pop my cake pop virginity!
I am pretty strict with sugar and wheat intake for myself and sugar intake for my little dude, but with easter finally here, I decided to make an organic alternative to all the candy that comes along with Easter.

Intro: cake pops!

I have always liked the idea of rainbow colored cupcakes and cakes and all; we've all seen them on pintrest and instagram and they look divine. I can usually only think about all the food coloring and it is a major turn off to me. Cakes and sugar is aswell...
But I got lured into making some totally yummy and cute cake pops and put my foodie self to the side for a little. After all: sometimes we (I, atleast) should remember what childhood is all about: fun and trying new things! And also, sometimes, let go of the rules.
And what do you know? They are totally worth it! So yummy and cute.

I totally used this womans step-by-step but I used my own muffin recipe.
You should definitely check out her blogg as shes fantastic and I dont even hold a candle to her talent!

I made my normal vanilla cupcakes:
-2 cups 3 times sifted plain flour
-1tsp baking powder
-1tsp bi-carb (natron)
-2tbs butter (soft)
-1/2 cup sugar
-2 eggs
-Vanilla bean
-1 cup milk

I add the flour, bi-carb and baking powder finely sifted together, into a bowl with sugar and butter. Then i mix with my (super clean and dry) hands till its all crumbly.
(You can use machines for this, but it is, in all honesty, no need :)
Then i added the eggs and milk, vanilla and stirred with a silicone spoon.
Then i took out 6 bowls and divided the batter quite equally in the different bowls. Add the food colors of your choice (you can get gels, powder liquids, you can get natural and artificial colors... I always go for the natural organic of everything where available but thats a personal choice) I used:

I made mine very very pastelly, but could have added a little more. The colors fade a tiny bit in the baking process...
Then i put them in their cups, separately (just 2 cups of each color)

(I took the leftover batter and made mixed colored muffins of the rest :)

And put them in the oven on 180 degrees celcius (356 degrees farenheit)
Till they look done. Approx 10 min. But that depends on stoves so just keep an eye on them the first time.

Leave to cool!

Use your freshly cleaned bowls from earlier and crumble one color of cupcake in each bowl.
(Eg 6 bowls of 6 different colors of crumbeled cake)
And add a frosting mix to the bowls
(maybe a tbs pr bowl. You need to work your way to the best result here...)
Make little balls with the different colors and put on a tray that you stick in the fridge for 30 min or till they set.

Then you melt your white chocolate
(i used white chocolate melts as they dont get hard so quickly ~you need melted chocolate not used-to-be-melted-but-is-now-super-lumpy chocolate) in the microwave and add food coloring to it. I used blue for the sky.

Add the sticks to your cooled down cakepopsballs and dip/drown in chocolate. Let a bit drip of before you place them in an upright position. Here you can use a cake pop tray.

Into the fridge to set after their done dripping :)

Then you cut your mini marchmallows to clouds and color code your mini m's so you dont have to deal with it all at once.
Now its just a matter if decorating.
~Which is the fun and messy part!:

Use the left over chocolate as glue :)

And viola!

As a side note: I will try to make my own very healthy cake pop recipe, so hang tight if your not into sugar and wheat.
My next cake pop will be a raw chocolate one, with no food colors or artificial-ness :)

Have a wonderful day! xxx

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