Monday, 24 June 2013

Baby foods and parfaits

So, my new hobby is baby foods!
Sooo simple to make pretty!
Just some dried fruits, some slices of apple or banana, some yoghurt in a decorating bottle and your pretty good to go!

Here are the yoghurt ones I have made so far:

I also love making parfaits for my bubba:
I generally put yoghurt at the bottom and then different layers of puree.
She loves it!
It gives her different tastes and textures and it doesn't get boring! :)

Here are some ideas:

And then there are some toddler versions, 
that my little girl is too young for :)

What is your babys favourite meal?
And do you cook from scratch?

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  1. Hi i love everything u make :) well I want u to try something its almost the only thing my toddler eats and I cook everything u can imagine for her but she likes this. I use colby cheese either 2 slices for 2 minutes in the microwave or I bake it in the oven til crispy it will melt then crisp so good and drain the cheese oil so its healthier! I usually drain it in the middle of the process anyways its healthy and good. She loves anything crispy! Shes 3 years old and never tasted any chips bought from any store anyways try it :)