Saturday 18 May 2013

Moomin and snorkmaiden and creative little kids!

First I made snorkmaiden.
Then I edited her to be Moomin because my son wasn't hungry.
He loved that I did that.
Its a little bit of the fun: recreating pictures into new pictures.
My son does it too. Makes new pictures with the ones I give him.
Im very happy to see that he is so creative.

He also loves pouring milk on the floor. Since we have dark wooden floors, the milk forms lovely patterns that fascinate him tremendously.
(And when wiping up the mess, annoys me just the same haha)

I love seeing that he sees art in strange places. He reminds me of me.

Moomin is made with sandwich, cut to shape, butter up with cream cheese,
decorated with olives and drawn with a toothpick.
I used pomegranate for the flower.

Snorkmaiden has a cheese foot chain and hair.
Just a detailed picture at the end, so you can see her eyes better =)

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