Friday 3 May 2013

Itsy bitsy spider...

In aus you have to teach your kids about spiders! Regardless of anything: you have to!
Calvin is a bit small to get it yet, but he has spotted a spider wasp eating a huntsman once and reported back to me immediately! *phew!*

In the picture is a
-Red Back Spider (australian native)
- A deadly and scary Sydney Funnel Web spider (Australian native) and
-a huntsman. (Huntsman is not an australian native. You get different sizes shapes and colors! But the guy on my plate... Now he's an aussie native for sure ;)

It was indeed a creepy breakfast and my son gobbled down the cashew butter huntsman in a hurry!
(Spiders for the win! Yeah!)
The other two were made of a tart plum, and apparently, Cal only likes sweet plums. Notes taken :)

Have a lovely day where you are!
Ill be comforting my feverish 8 month old baby girl <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

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