Saturday 20 April 2013


My almond-pancake Wall-E!
Very happy with how he turned out!

Very simple to make even though I thought it would be challenging.

I just squirted the pieces I needed into the pan with a squeeze-bottle,
Turned them incredibly carefully.
(The eye pieces was not left to fry very long, since they need to be a bit lighter in the colour)
And put them together and decorated with some chocolate spread.
(If you use nutella, mix with a tad of water first. If you use any other spread or sause, just wing it ;)
I used a squeeze bottle with nozzle no 2.

My almond pancake recipe worked well for this purpose, but i thought they were a tad salty.
I used this recipe:

-1 and 2/4 almond meal
(id use clean white almond meal without the peel!)
-1/4 LSA* (or just more almond meal)
-1 tsp baking powder
-3/4 cup almond milk
-1 tsb vanilla extract
-2 eggs
Now it says to use -1/4 tsp salt* and I recon I used 1tsp (and pink himalayan salt which is even saltier) as I read the recipe wrong, so feel free to add a teeeny bit salt if youd like.

-Lightly beat the eggs with the bakingpowder and almond milk.
-Add the almond-meal, whisk around and heat up your pan.
-Use a bit of coconut oil in the pan.
-Put the batter in whatever you prefer to squirt batter with (plastic bag with a cut hole, squeeze-bottle with nozzle or whichever you prefer!)
-Draw the pieces you need in the pan.
(You can practice o a few pieces before you get down to buiz :)
-Then draw and decorate as you please and wow the person you serve it up too! :))
-Maybe serve with some whipped cream on the side? Or whipped greek yoghurt? Or a raspberry-chia sauce?

Enjoy :))

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