Wednesday 17 April 2013

A sandwich a day!

I have started a little project, which is to make a food art picture from 1 slice of bread a day for a week or two.
And it shall be simple and edible as a breakfast.
But then #2 my son got sick. Then my daughter seems to be getting sick and my head feels wrapped in cottonballs!
Calvin has bronchiolitis, and I can only suspect that we are all crowding up in that same boat...
Anyways, Im sure we'll ride this storm of quickly :)
Ill be adding our sandwich pictures here :)

#1 sandwich doggy!

Almond butter and sultana sandwich with cucumber grass, 
banana ball, black blueberry clouds and sunflower kernel rain. 

#2 sandwich cat!

Cream cheese sandwich decorated with red grape, 
blueberries, sultana whiskers, sunflower kernel ground and 
kiwi stalk on a grape and blueberry flower. 

#3 sandwich giraffe!  

Peanut butter giraffe with sultana spots, kiwi grass, 
watermelon hearts and rock melon butterflies. 

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