Thursday 25 April 2013

Burly mama bear!

Anzac day!
Woke up and made Cal a burly bear sandwich like this:

1: Slice of bread

2: cut the shape
(This might sound strange but can you see the bearface in this piece? I didnt come up with this idea, it was sort of there...)

3: apricot snout, thompson raisin details

4: place the snout on the bear :)

5: cut some almonds for the paws and claws, use rolled oats for the tummy, ears and eyes.

6: put on a plate and make bees from sultanas and sunflower kernels

Someone Likes eating the raisins first <3 

...Then we jumped on the trampoline...

before we jumped on a train to the city and went to Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens. Due to a detour (constructionwork!) we echoed our way under the opera house.
Lil C ran and jumped and played on the big rock and I was pretty worried about him falling down the whole time.
Then he rolled around on the grass and then he had a major (with capital letters), tantrum in the mud... (Thank you Peppa Pig, for making mud so much fun!)

It was fab! It was fab going downtown and seeing all the veterans,
(Dont get me wrong, I am still very much against war and all about peace but these are men who are close to 100 years old... i mean... that alone is something to honor!)
and it was great being out and about on my own with my two kiddoes. (Some mana power right there! Feelings of accomplishment!)
The botanical gardens are magnificent!

Beautiful days like this, is soul food. Treasures of the heart.

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