Sunday 21 April 2013


I couldnt NOT make Wall-E's girlfriend, and so here she is, as a part of the sandwichAday project.
And I included a detailed how to aswell!

1: Find a slice of bread

2: Cut the shapes with a good knife

3: put on cream cheese

4: find a black plum

5: make the face in the plum

6: cut the piece of and place on the head.

7: squirt som blue writing icing in the eye holes.

(Not really a way to get around that.. Her eyes are very blue!!)
8: cut a flower in a kiwi same way you did the face in the plum
9: cut a heart in a watermelon
10: serve to the starving and patient kid! (or adult. Or yourself)

This takes about 5-10 min. Depending on how quickly you cut! (But carefully of course!)
And I have to add, maybe use a very soft cream cheese, as mine was very stiff and almost broke my pieces.
Or toast the slice of bread first? Up to you what you like really...
The cut offs of bread can be placed in a bag, and then you can bring your kid(s) out to feed some birdies :))


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