Wednesday 17 April 2013

Hello Kitty!

When I was 5 I got a super big and cute Hello Kitty teddy for having been super brave at the dentist. i loved it so much! And the next day, the seams under the arms ripped and when we took it back to the store, they were sold out. I got another teddy instead. it broke my young heart! I have a picture of me and the Hello Kitty and I look so happy. I cried for weeks (maybe a bit emotionally attached?) anyways: since then I have been quite a Hello Kitty fan: i love sanrio! I never got a new Hello Kitty...
Did you ever loose a fav toy as a child? That you remember that makes you sad for the little kid you used to be?

My vanilla-bean rice-pudding Hello Kitty was very yummy and my lil dude even liked and ate all the dragon fruit butterflies!
(That makes it a success in my book! Seems the key is vanilla bean!!)
This was all made with a knife, a spoon, some water
(and apple nose and plum eyes)
Easy breezy! Just remember to make the rice pudding a bit thick so its easy to shape into whatever you want :)
How to make vanilla bean rice pudding?
Find recipe here.

Inspired by the chocolate and cookies we got downtown Sydney, which were very superbly yummy :)

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