Monday 16 September 2013

That sneaky bolognese

If you ask most moms with toddlers, there is one thing that really boggles their mind:
How do I get my kid to like vegetables?!

Well, I have no clue, BUT I do have some super simple tricks up my sleeve and some recipes that allows for you to hide veggies pretty simply.
[as a note to my norwegian readers: in [ ] after the english name, will be the norwegian name]

Ill start you off with my bolognese: a recipe I have worked with a lot; from being easy and classic to being propped full of veg that even my son cant detect!

Sneaky Bolognese!

-500g mince
(I use a mix of beef and pork, 
but you can use which ever mince you like: 
beef, pork, kangaroo, veal...)
-3 finely chopped garlic cloves
[fin hakkede hvitløks fedd]
-1 finely grated big zucchini
[fin revet squasj]
-1-2 finely grated carrots
[fin revet gulrot]
-1 small or 1/2 big red onion
[halv stor rødløk eller 1 liten]
-2 tins organic diced tomatoes
[2 bokser økologiske knuste tomater]
-2-3 tbs organic tomato oaste
[2-3 ss økologisk tomat puré]

Herbs [urter]
Of spices I use an italian herb mix and himalayan rock salt, 
but obviously you know best what herbs you like.
If you want an approximate herb use
Id say a pinch of basil, [en klype basilikum] 
a pinch of oregano [en klype oregano], 
a pinch of flat leafed parsley [en klype italiensk persille] 
a tiny pinch if thyme [en liten klype timian] 
and a tsp or two of sweet paprica [en tsk eller to søt paprika].

Note: I skip pepper for the kids as it can really hurt in their mouth 
especially while teething, but I add it later for my husband and I.
[personlig hopper jeg over pepper til senere, 
mye fordi det kan gjøre vondt i gommene på en liten en som får tenner])

Note: I dont use any oil or butter to fry with as I have a pretty good pan, 
but if I was using my old pan, Id be using organic cold pressed coconut oil. 

Fry garlic, red onion and mince together while finely "chopping" 
your mince with your spatula.

Add the finely grated carrots and zucchini and blend well into your mince.
Fry till the mince is no longer pink anywhere. 

Add the tinned tomatoes and tomato paste.

Now add the herbs and salt to taste.

Leave to simmer for about 10 min .

If the sauce is too thick, add a little bit of water. 
Is it too runny; Add a little more tomato paste. 

Serve with the pasta of your choice.
(We use wholemeal pasta these days as an added source of fiber :)

Bon Appetite! 

A picture of my best pal in the kitchen:

If you try my recipes, PLEASE let me know how it went! I am so curious to know so please comment below with how you liked it and if it worked for you!! I will only post recipes that has been tried and tested here and that works in this house (and my son is a good veg-detecter) but he loves garlic and spices and herbs. If your child doesn't like the taste of herbs and spices, you might have to limit yourself a little; But I find that my son gets so happy about it being spaghetti time, that he forgets about scouting for the hidden vegetables.... 
Hang tight though; there will be sweet muffins and other sweet and savory recipes coming your way... All with hidden goodness inside.
To find the hidden veg-recipes easily; press the "thesneakymom" label to the right ----->


Note: you can add tiny dices of capsicum/red bell pepper, frozen chopped spinach, cannelini beans, red kidney beans, green beans, grated sweet potato, grated beetroot, grated pumpkin... The variations are endless!
And remember to make a big batch, so the kids lunch the next day is good to go ;))

Thank you for popping by
Have a fab day xxxx

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