Sunday 22 September 2013

Baby donut!

This is a very baby friendly donut that will create heaps of mess so make sure you put on a frock or strip your baby to the nappies/diaper so the clothes wont get terrible stains...

1) The donut itself is a pancake that i made round and with a hole in it. 
It is dairy, gluten and sugar free! And makes the baby super happy!

30g rolled oats
1/2 banana
1 egg
3 eggwhites
Vanilla bean or vanilla essence

Into the blender.
Into squeeze bottle and draw then fry in coconut oil and enjoy! 
TIP: Maybe give the oats a wizz all on their own 
so they become nice and fine oat flour 
before adding the rest of the ingredients... =)

2) The topping is a **puree**.
You can make your own puree or use a ready made one. I use both. 
Just squeeze it out in a spiral on top of your cooled down donut shaped pancake.

3) For sprinkles you can use anything!
I used all natural fruit loops and all natural numbers. [the natural fruit loops contain gluten!] but you can use dried fruits and berries, shredded coconut, dried apricots, that you jus finely chop and sprinkle on top. 

Enjoy the beautiful mess!
My little girl went straight in the tub and the shirt went straight in the bin!
(No, it was not a fav shirt! It was too small and already had some terrible stains on it)

Have a happy day xx Karianne

**Purees are generally just whichever fruit and berries [or veg!] youd like, steamed [or just blended if their "soft" fruits like Kiwi and orange and soft peaches, mango... Harder fruits like apple and pear is great to steam first so they get a little soft, and then blend them together to a puree!
For the best puree recipes, check out; wholesomebabyfood

If your in Norway, I know Ella's fruit purees from Spain are organic[√łkologiske] .
If your in Australia you have heaps of organic options and if your in the states I know you have pretty much the same amount of choices as us here... **

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