Thursday 1 August 2013

Oh My Breakfast!

Good morning to you. 

I have come across a really good foodblog and I cannot wait to recommend it: 
BEST food BLOG EVER! TWC! Top With Cinnamon. Yeah baby! 

If you need inspiration for anything (in particular cooking); just go there! she is pretty fab! 
(She also has an instagram for those of you who are truly IGddicted like myself!) 

Anyways; Y'all have my amazing granola recipe. Yes
(if "no!" Click "Yes" ;) 

And that is a great way to start with this breakfast, inspired and a little stolen from TWC!

Layer 1: Granola. Check.
Layer 2: Vanillabeanyoghurt. Check. 
(Greek style full fat yoghurt mixed w vanilla bean paste. Just to clear that up. So its not vanilla yoghurt!) 
Layer 3: Banana. Check!
Layer 4: OMG caramel! Check! Check! Check!!

Caramel is easy breezy! 
1/2 cup pitted dates, roughly chopped up 
1/2 cup milk (water if you want to keep it vegan!)
1 pinch of salt. 

Blend in blender. Pop into saucepan. Heat and Stir till it thickens. 
OMG! omg omg omg and yum! 

And follow the layering steps one more time. 



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