Wednesday 5 June 2013

Gallery for May :)

Hello :) how are you?
here in Australia the winter has surely arrived and its boring and cold some days. (i say cold rather vaguely as I am norwegian and I truly know COLD! But once your body is used to an average of 30+ degrees (which most norwegian bodies aren't!) 10-15 degrees feels rather cold too. its a drop in 20 degrees... its like from 20-0 degrees in Norway. You feel that. Yes, it gets much colder than 0 in Norway, but it also gets much hotter than 40 here, so it sorta evens out. And if your American: i speak in Celsius degrees :)
Bottom line is: i shiver in the morning!

I will start making a monthly gallery of things from the past month!
So the next gallery update should be in early July :)

The gallery updates will also be placed in the gallery section of the blog :)

All images are taken from my instagram and are made by me and eaten by my kids:

I hope your all well this weekend <3
And thank you to everyone who pops by here!!

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  1. You are AMAZING!!!! Truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing your fantastic work!