Sunday 16 June 2013

Baby berry parfait

Creamy rice pudding:
Cold cooked rice (i use the rice I cooked for dinner the day before generally) + vanilla bean + milk (cows milk, breast milk, formula...) blend.

Berry-avocado smoothie:
Frozen berries + banana +apple +avocado + milk (again, your preferred milk) blend.

Layer pudding, smoothie, pudding, smoothie. And decorate with greek yoghurt on top.

Easy as pie :)

How are you!?
I keep finding it hard to blog as I don't feel there is much interaction going on over here: i feel it unnatural to write much -and personal, but I figure I'll try to get better at writing ~for you who reads :)
Blogs are so different from youtube!
(I used to make videos on youtube back i the day and got a good chunk of subscribers: but with videos you talk TO someone and you get replies... I sometimes has hundreds of comments to read the next morning. Very fun! blogging is not as easy to me...) Anyways, I figure I'll try to write and see what happens haha!

Im so sorry its been so quiet from this end as of late, but time is truly running away from me!
Both the kids have been sick with a terrible cold and as most moms know: sick kids leave room for not much else!
ANY good advice on colds and how to prevent and how to get rid of: please share!!
I am sure all will be back to normal very very soon!! And I cant wait :)

I had my first day in forever (!!) with just my son on saturday, and it was brilliant!
We went to an inside play park where we (he, mostly) ran around like crazy monkeys! Until he crashed with an older boy and got a big Donald Duck bump on the forehead! Ouch!
It is still swollen and blue!

Now Im gonna have to finish cooking our dinner: meatballs with pear and pumpkin! Yum!

Talk later xxx

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