Saturday 28 December 2013

Making dino crayons!

A fun and simple DIY which makes a great present for someone small and cool :)

I used lots of broken crayons, cut them into pieces and into molds. 

1) make sure your silicone molds are heatproof.
(My Hello Kitty one, wasn't and melted! :() 

2) place in molds, on tray, middle of the oven. Maybe less heat that I was told. 160 degrees celsius ought to do it. It takes 5-10 minutes. Pay close attention and do be careful: melted crayons are like plastic and will burn badly if you are not careful enough!

3) let set in the molds on your counter..


Aaand DRAW :)) 

fun and cute :)

Note: Just to make it clear, this did not go completely as I anticipated. That bring said, it didnt turn out a disaster either!
I will do this again :) 

With love xxx

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